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United Way of Taiwan

United Way of Taiwan
4F, 363 FuXing S. Rd., Sec. 2, Da An District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 106

Tel: 2378-2256
Fax: 2378-1292
Website: www.unitedway.org.tw/
Company Description:

The United Way was initiated in 1873 in Liverpool, England; then a group of charity activists in Denver, U.S.A. founded United Way as well to address social issues and basic needs in local communities in 1887. Nowadays, United Way Worldwide continues to serve people around the globe, including Taiwan.

In Taiwan, a group of people cared about the development of professional social work, and got involved in policy advocacy and founded United Way of Taiwan in 1992. The mission is to look for more effective and collaborative ways with regard to urgent social problems in local communities.

By supporting education, health, and financial stability projects to serve the disadvantaged each year, United Way of Taiwan inspired local citizens to engage in local ways to provide human services for the disabled, children and youth, women, the elderly and homeless and so on.

In the year of 2016, United Way will cooperate with more corporations to sponsor 426 programs implemented by 350 local nonprofits or grassroots organizations. United Way works with corporations such as Citi Bank and Costco to encourage more corporate volunteers to take actions for the public good. In Taiwan, about 789,311 people and 663,896 families will be benefited via these social services this year.

In the coming 2016-2017, United Way of Taiwan continues to work with nearly 200 professional and senior volunteers. One of the innovative ways is to create a so-called “Love Link” 3-year special project, and United Way partners with small and medium nonprofits to provide long-term new services, especially for children, youth and the elderly. For more United Way of Taiwan’s information and updated news for corporate social responsibility, please go: https://www.unitedway.org.tw/enterprise

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