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Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd.

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd.
13F, 129 MinSheng E. Rd., Sec. 3, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10596

Tel: 2719-3488
Fax: 2719-3545
Website: www.mercedes-benz.com.tw
Company Description:

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan Ltd., established in January 2002, serves as a subsidiary of German automobile manufacturer Daimler AG. The business scope of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan includes sales, after-sales service, and brand management of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and trucks, Mercedes-Benz Select used cars, and smart cars. Ever since Mercedes-Benz was introduced to Taiwan in 1969, it has successfully built a leading position in the imported luxury car segment.

Through its strong dealer network, the company has gained solid customer loyalty. Within the authorized dealer network of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, Capital Motors, TaiLung Motors, TaiMing Motors, BinHang Motors, Yu-Bin Motors, Lienli Motors, ChungChang Motors, BinHong Motors, and Supreme Motors are in charge of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and Mercedes-Benz Select used cars. Yue Ye Motors and Champion Auto are in charge of the distribution of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Capital Motors is the exclusive dealer of smart. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan also established the largest vehicle preparation center in the imported car industry, offering products with best quality and most professional services.

Besides car sales, the company also founded a wholly owned subsidiary company, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Taiwan Ltd., providing comprehensive automobile financing, leasing and insurance services.

Being the leader of the imported luxury car segment in Taiwan, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan actively devotes itself to corporate social responsibility, which scope includes employee development, working environment, compliance and integrity, and cultural sponsorship of “Star Events” as well as “Star Dreams” where philanthropy and the promotion of environmental protection are combined.

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