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Intel Microelectronics Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch

Intel Microelectronics Asia LLC., Taiwan Branch
美商英特爾亞太科技有限公司 台灣分公司
20F, 369 ZhongXiao E. Rd., Sec. 7, Taipei City, Taiwan, 11561

Tel: 2716-9660
Fax: 2546-0947
Website: www.intel.com
Company Descrption:

Intel is the world leader in silicon innovation, and develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Intel set up its branch office in Taiwan in 1985, and it has evolved into the company’s Asia Pacific stronghold for the development of desktop computers, notebook computers, and enterprise-purpose as well as communications devices.

Intel Taiwan’s operations encompass industry-enabling support and R&D, procurement, product and marketing campaigns to business and end users, education initiatives (higher education programs, the Intel® International Science & Engineering Fair, Intel® Teach project and Intel® Computer Clubhouse), the Intel Involved employee-volunteer programs (for disadvantaged communities and environmental projects), support to the government, as well as future investment through Intel Capital. Intel Taiwan is committed to facilitating rapid technical and time-to-market support for local manufacturers, playing the industry enabler role to assist Taiwan’s hi-tech economy and industry upgrade development, and enhancing the country’s long-term competitiveness through its education, government, and community initiatives.

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