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European Union Centre in Taiwan

European Union Centre in Taiwan
1 Roosevelt Rd., Sec. 4, Da an District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10617

Tel: 2365-3457
Fax: 2365-7930
Website: www.eutw.org.tw
Company Description:

For the purpose of encouraging studies of the European Union and academic and civil society exchanges and cooperation globally, the European Union (EU), in 1998, began establishing European Union Centres at prestigious universities in developed countries around the world. On May 22nd, 2009, the European Union Centre in Taiwan was formally inaugurated.  The EUTW Consortium, led by National Taiwan University, includes National Taiwan University (NTU), National Chengchi University (NCCU), National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Catholic Fu-Jen University (FJU), Tamkang University (TKU), National Sun Yat Sen University (NSYSU), and National Dong Hua University (NDHU).

The establishment of the European Union Centre in Taiwan has been a very important milestone in advancing intellectual academic exchanges between Europe and Taiwan. We are confident that, through these initiatives, greater awareness of the EU and EU policies can be achieved, along with a substantially deeper mutual understanding between the EU and Taiwan.

Based on the EUTW existing regional networks, we have further initiated an EUTW-trans Network with support of Jean Monnet activities. This Trans Continental Cooperation on the EU Studies involves the Transatlantic and Trans Pacific partner institutes including U.S.A (Washington University, Seattle), Canada (Dalhousie University), Europe (Paris II in France and Charles University in the Czech Republic), Asia (EUIJ Tokyo in Japan, Yonsei University in Seoul, Fudan University in China, National Taiwan University in Taiwan and EUC in Singapore at National University of Singapore) and Pacific (EU Centre in the Canterbury University of New Zealand).

* For more information, please go to www.eutw.org.tw

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