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Crown Van Lines Co., Ltd.

Crown Van Lines Co., Ltd.
4F-4, 165 MinSheng E. Rd., Sec. 5, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10589

Tel: 2762-2500
Fax: 2761-2378
Website: www.crownvan.com
Company Description:

Crown Van Lines, founded in 1979, has been proud to achieve ISO9001:2000 & FAIMS certification, the international moving industry’s most prestigious accreditation.

Crown Van Lines owns warehouses with air-conditioned and dehumidified facilities for long-term storage, as well as 30,000 pings of general-cargo warehouse, it employs 160 full time employees to provide VIP service to our customers.

Crown Van Lines will provide the most attentive service to safeguard the items you treasure.  They are treated with outmost care by our meticulous packers, who wrap your cherished items in proprietary Crown Van Lines materials and move them in accordance with the Crown Van Lines master plan specially drawn up for you.

Aside for being an international household goods moving service, we have also acquired licensed for:

  1. Customs Broker – Lic. #G601011
  2. Warehousing – Lic. #G1301020
  3. Import & Export – Lic. #G1301030
  4. Freight Forwarding – Lic. #G402011
  5. Exhibition Logistics – Lic. #JB01010
  6. Specialist, Fine Arts Packing & Transportation, Relocation Service & Pets Service – Lic. #G101061
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