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BABI Corp.

BABI Corp.
英屬維爾京群島商寶貝國際有限公司 台灣分公司
14F-1, 30 BeiPing E. Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10049

Tel: 2391-8666
Fax: 2394-9598
Website: www.babicorp.com
Company Description:

BABI (Bringing All Best International) is a fast-moving consumer goods company focused on premium food, beverage, and nutritional-care products. As an innovative enterprise, BABI handles the entire marketing function – producing, marketing and managing select world-class brands since 1994. We are a U.S.-owned company operating throughout Asia with offices in San Francisco, Taipei, Beijing, and Bangkok. Through our experienced local marketing teams and distribution network, we have been able to help global brands establish and cement lasting footholds in local communities throughout Asia and Greater China in particular.

Our commitment to procuring only authentic quality ingredients and our dedication to producing excellent products has earned BABI an outstanding reputation with its partners and with the trade and consumers alike. We take pride in introducing natural and premium products using “ingredients you know” and adhering to our culture of “Simple Goodness.”

Through our product introductions and community interaction, we are vigorously responding to this unprecedented period of disruption within the food industry. We are committed to “Bringing All the Best” world-class brands and to expanding our product base to respond to the growing sophistication of the modern consumer as well as the global spirit of this generation.

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