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Anemone Ventures

Anemone Ventures
14F-3, 57 FuXing N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10595

Tel: 2751-8057
Fax: 2751-9865
Website: www.anemoneventures.com
Company Description:

Anemone Ventures is a management consulting firm supporting technological start-ups and SMEs entering Asia, with focus on Taiwan as a hub.

Headquartered in Taipei with representative offices in Israel and Poland, Anemone Ventures devises market entry strategies, foster new business partnerships and act as a liaison office on behalf of their clients.

Anemone Ventures’ role is to bring cutting-edge technologies from overseas to local partners, in efforts to provide a competitive edge that supports higher integration in the industry value chain and greater ability to improve margins.

The value-add of Anemone Ventures’ services is recognizing local “pain points” and business needs, and bringing the relevant solutions to fulfill them. By that, they support their clients’ entry efforts and business expansion and solve a real need within the local industry.

With in-depth industry knowledge and broad capabilities, Anemone Ventures enables companies to broaden their business activities in a cost-effective way. Their connections with local and international companies and organizations constitute a reliable compass to find the most suitable business partners and decision makers on both sides of the deal.

With special expertise in bringing innovation and technologies, and a proven record of success in diverse industries, Anemone Ventures focuses on milestones and agreed-upon goals to attain their clients’ goals.

Services Offered

  • Identifying suitable cutting-edge technologies and supporting investment and acquisition opportunities.
  • Conducting market entry and feasibility studies.
  • Identifying unique competitive advantages and matching potential business partners.
  • Facilitating the establishment of partnerships by utilizing local and international network and by bringing decision makers to the negotiation table.
  • Ensuring proper operational execution and local representation.
  • Assisting in establishing a local presence and protecting their clients’ interests on the ground.
  • Supervising operations locally and acting as their clients’ extended arm.
  • Ensuring a proper two-way communication and establishing a structure for growth and long-term relationships.
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