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Anemone Ventures

Anemone Ventures
14F-3, 57 FuXing N. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 10560

Tel: 2751-8057
Fax: 2751-9865
Website: www.anemoneventures.com
Company Descrption:

Anemone Ventures is a management-consulting firm supporting mainly, but not only, technological start-ups and SMEs to enter Asia, with particular focus on Taiwan and China.

With offices in Israel and Taipei, Anemone Ventures’ serves as a business hub for their clients, providing greater visibility on local activities and progress made towards reaching their goals.

With in-depth industry knowledge and broad capabilities, Anemone Ventures specializes in Market Entry and Business Development, enabling companies to broaden their activities in a cost-effective way.

Its extensive connections with local companies and organizations constitute a reliable compass to find the most suitable business partners and decision makers.

With its office based in Israel, Anemone Ventures supports its Asian based customers identify and adapt suitable cutting-edge technologies and acquisition opportunities.

With a proven record of success in diverse industries, Anemone Ventures focus on milestones and agreed-upon goals, and work closely to attain them.

Services Include:

  • Identifying suitable cutting edge technologies and supporting acquisition opportunities
  • Conducting market-entry and feasibility studies, identifying unique competitive advantages, and screening potential business partners.
  • Facilitating the establishment of partnerships by utilizing local network and by bringing decision-makers to the negotiation table.
  • Ensuring proper operational execution and local representation.
  • Assisting clients in establishing a local presence and protecting their interests on the ground.
  • By supervising operations locally and by acting as a bridge, ensuring a proper two-way communication and establishing a structure for growth and long-term relationships.

With special expertise in bringing innovation and technologies to emerging markets, Anemone Ventures stands as your extended arm.

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