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Alcon Services AG, Taiwan Branch

Alcon Services AG, Taiwan Branch
4F, 119 Baozhong Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 23144

Tel: 2917-2468
Fax: 2918-2193
Website: www.alcon.com.tw
Company Descrption:

Alcon is the global leader in eye care. As a division of Novartis, we discover new ways to enhance sight and improve people’s lives. We have done this successfully for 70 years, through innovative products, partnerships withe ye care professionals and programs that create greater access to quality eye care. 

Alcon began as a small ophthalmic pharmaceutical shop in Fort Worth, Texas. Through breakthrough innovations, strategic acquisitions and partnerships, and a deep-rooted commitment to partnering with and esrving eye care professionals, we’ve grown into the global leader in eye care.

Our products touch the lives of millions of people each year living with conditions like cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases, and refractive errors. We offer the most complete line of ophthalmic surgical devices, as well as a differentiated contact lens and lens care portfolio to help patients see, look and feel their best. 

Reimagining eye care means to us that we are at the forefront of innovation, partnering with eye care professionals to bring the gift of sight to more people around the world. 

For more information, visit http://www.alcon.com

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