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Power Emails: How to get twice done in half the time

E-mails are supposed to be fast and easy, but in the modern workplace they can easily become a hassle. With limited time but ever accumulating messages, time is wasted and misunderstandings arise when online communication is not conducted properly. Managers and employees need to fully know how to utilize the power of e-mail, whether it […]

2018 Messages to Washington

Following release each year of the Taiwan White Paper, AmCham Taipei sends a delegation to Washington D.C. for what is called the “Washington Doorknock.” This year’s Doorknock will take place June 18-22, and will involve more than 40 meetings with U.S. government officials from the executive and legislative branch offices, think tanks, and others interested in the U.S.-Taiwan […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies, Blockchains, and Digital Cash

Several central banks around the world, including the Bank of England and the central banks of Sweden and Uruguay, have been studying the idea of introducing central bank digital currencies (CBDC) as a means of moving toward a cashless future. According to Wikipedia, “central bank digital currency is different from ‘digital currency’ (or virtual currency […]