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AmCham Taipei Tax Committee held a luncheon on July 5 at the Regent Taipei. 境外電商跨境銷售電子勞務課徵所得稅法令介紹– this event was conducted in Mandarin. 近年來電子商務交易成長快速,頻繁的網路交易、或跨境交易除對傳統產業帶來衝擊外,亦使現行的課稅制度臨嚴峻的挑戰。 臺灣財政部於107年1月2日發布2號解釋令,針對外國營利事業跨境銷售電子勞務之來源收入認定、所得計算、申報繳納程序等制定課稅規範。 本次擬針對前開新頒法令進行專題簡報,以介紹相關規定。 When: July 5, 2018 (12 PM – 2 PM) Where: Regent Taipei, 4F VIP 1  / 台北晶華酒店 貴賓廳 一 4F Speaker: 林聖慧 股長 / 財政部臺北國稅局 Interested in attending our events? Join us at other upcoming events, click here. Note: AmCham events […]

AmCham Taipei Honors Departing AIT Director Kin Moy

Chamber members gathered in the ballroom of the Sherwood Taipei on July 3 for a luncheon program bidding farewell to Kin Moy as he prepares to return to Washington at the end of his three-year tour as Director of the American Institute of Taiwan. AmCham Chairman Albert Chang thanked Moy, the chief American representative in […]

Strengthening Intellectual Property Protection

Taiwan’s economic growth has long benefited from substantial foreign direct investment, especially since Taiwan is an important hub in the high-technology sector. In an effort to continue attracting foreign investment and collaboration, particularly on advanced technologies, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) under the Ministry of Economic Affairs has been working continuously to optimize IP […]

AmCham Meets with Washington Visitors

Over breakfast at the Grand Hyatt Taipei on June 13, members of the AmCham Taipei leadership met with Assistant Secretary of State for Educational & Cultural Affairs Marie Royce and other U.S. dignitaries who were in Taiwan for the dedication ceremony of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) office complex. Besides Assistant Secretary Royce, the […]

Understanding the Impact of U.S. Tax Reform

The recently enacted 2017 Tax Cut and Reform Bill, approved December 22, 2017, has substantially impacted taxpayers and domestic companies in the United States as well as operational planning for multinational corporations. While the new law reduces corporate and individual tax rates, the policy comes with a wide range of complexities in financial reporting. To ensure […]

AmCham’s 13 Issues for Special Attention

During the preparation of the 2018 Taiwan White Paper, AmCham Taipei’s committees reviewed and rated the status of issues raised in the 2017 White Paper. Based on a five-tier scale, 21 items were placed in Category 2, meaning “Showing Good Progress.” Of the 21 items, eight were identified by the committees as having strong enough progress that […]

AmCham Taipei Launches the 2018 Taiwan White Paper

The 2018 edition of AmCham Taipei’s annual Taiwan White Paper was released on June 6 with a news conference followed by a membership luncheon, both at the Regent Taipei hotel. The news conference, which generated wide coverage, was attended by representatives from 32 local and international print and broadcast media organizations. Chamber President William Foreman […]