Event Recap – Living AmCham Taiwan Series Visit to Taoyuan

As part of our “Living AmCham Taiwan” series which visits towns and cities across Taiwan, Amcham organized a luncheon event attended by Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan in Taoyuan on September 16. We were honored to have Mayor Cheng share his vision for Taoyuan, its plans for sustainable development – including green energy, a low-carbon economy and digital transformation – as well as what the city government is doing to attract foreign investment.

Mayor Cheng highlighted that Taoyuan has undertaken several measures as part of the effort to pursue sustainable development, such as incorporating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its governance, publishing a Voluntary Local Review, and establishing a committee focusing on SDGs. He also laid out the 2030 carbon reduction pathway for Taoyuan, which includes a wide variety of policies aiming at significantly reducing the city’s carbon emissions across all industries by 2030, and ultimately reaching net zero by 2050. Mayor Cheng stressed that an overarching energy governance plan, coupled with resilient infrastructure, is necessary for a city’s energy transformation to succeed, and that is what Taoyuan is striving to do.

Mayor Cheng concluded his remarks by emphasizing Taoyuan’s advantages and potential for development and welcomed Amcham members to keep on investing in the city. He drew on several American investment cases in Taoyuan as examples where the government integrated resources to the best of its ability in a short period of time to ensure the provision of land, energy, and infrastructure, demonstrating the government’s determination in attracting companies and industries to invest in Taoyuan.

Following the speech, guests visited the Taoyuan factory of Shung Ye Motor Corporation (SYM) to learn how they have reduced the emissions of their factory by implementing energy-saving initiatives such as installing solar panels on the roofs of their buildings. We would like to thank Taoyuan City Government Secretariat for their help in arranging the visit.

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