Members in the News – Costco Wholesale Taiwan

U.S.-based Costco Wholesale Corp. has confirmed that it will become the sole owner of Costco in Taiwan after it bought out the remaining 45% stake from Kaohsiung-based President Group. (Read the news coverage here.) AmCham is proud of our member Costco Wholesale Taiwan’s commitment to the Taiwan market.

Since it first began operations in Kaohsiung 25 years ago, Costco has now opened 14 outlets across the island. Not only is this American retail giant wildly popular among Taiwanese – three out of the 14 stores rank among the firm’s most profitable branches – it is also worth noting that the firm and its leadership have been stalwarts of the AmCham community. A few facts about Costco’s involvement with the Chamber:

  • Costco has been a loyal and generous member of AmCham Taiwan since 2000.
  • The company has also been a strong supporter of AmCham events, publications, and industry committee agendas. Its General Merchandising Manager, Peggy Liao, is currently a co-chair of AmCham’s Retail Committee.
  • Costco has strived to improve the business environment in Taiwan. It has authored parts of the Chamber’s annual White Paper and been actively involved in discussions with Taiwan and U.S. government officials.
  • Costco’s Senior Vice President – Asia, Richard Chang, has been an inspirational figure in Taiwan’s business community. Chang gives back to society through his book Coaching Yourself and his mentorship of budding talent, including through his recent appearance as a speaker for the AmCham NextGen Program. Chang’s charisma and life story have captivated countless young leaders in Taiwan.