[Updated] AmCham Taiwan Rises to the Pandemic Challenge: Board Election by Mail and Annual General Meeting Online.

  • First-ever return-by-mail ballot for Board of Governors and Supervisors mailed to you 10/7.
  • This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Nov. 16, 9am, adds in consideration of Merger Plan and updates to Articles of Association.

Dear AmCham Voting Member:

I hope this letter finds you, too, heading back to your office as Taiwan progresses toward a safe, productive exit from the pandemic. (AmCham staff returned to full office attendance on Monday!).   In this busy year-end season we ask you to support your Chamber with two essential member duties: (1) selecting Board leadership and (2) fulfilling our AGM obligations which, this year, include transforming into a larger, more impactful Chamber: AmCham Taiwan.  We need your participation to meet our quorum of voting members and, then, to finalize with your vote the merger that has been underway for a year.

 On our election, we are proud to bring for your consideration a full slate of talented leaders to take our expanding Chamber into its 71st year.  Please carefully review the “Meet the Candidates” document (Attachment #1) as you finalize your choices. To make life simpler in a year complicated by COVID, the Board of Governors decided at its September meeting to implement the 2020 Board Election via a mail-back written ballot. You will find below a graphic showing how to vote. The votes will be tabulated and certified by our certifying body, Deloitte Taiwan  (Thank you for your assistance, valued member, Deloitte!) at the November Board meeting with the election results shared with membership soon thereafter. The ballot, itself, is contained in Attachment #2. After completing it, please send your ballot to Deloitte in the postage-paid envelope that we have provided no later than Nov 8th.

Secondly, we are in the final phase of legally merging our legacy organization, AmCham Taipei, into our new entity, AmCham Taiwan, under Ministry of Interior auspices. To accomplish the merger, we must transfer each membership through a process covered.  The return of that document will serve to communicate acceptance of your resignation from AmCham Taipei, simultaneously transferring your membership to AmCham Taiwan. This process will seamlessly port your account to the new organization, such that you will not encounter any additional liabilities nor lose credits in the transfer.

Our Chamber excels year in and year out through the hard work of committee co-chairs, board members, individual members and pro bono service and in-kind supporters of this Chamber, all on a volunteer basis.  (In fact, some of my staff also feel that they qualify for this “volunteer” category, as well…).  This is an important time to pause and express deep appreciation to two of such countless, generous members:  Winkler Partners has donated scores of hours of painstaking legal work to guide us through this unprecedented NGO re-registration process in Taiwan, while a Board Supervisor and other friends from Baker McKenzie have provided invaluable assistance in strengthening our Articles of Association. Grant Thornton has provided extra services as our consultant on transition finances.  Deep thanks to all four of those organizations from your grateful Chamber!

If you have any questions regarding any of these year-end procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Chen at [email protected], or me, on 2-2718-8226, ext. 621.



Andrew Wylegala