Streaming Taiwan’s Story to the World

TaiwanPlus (Taiwan+), the country’s first English-language international streaming media, went online August 30 following a launch ceremony on the plaza in front of the National Taiwan Museum in 228 Peace Park. The platform is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and operated by the Central News Agency. The CEO is Joanne Tsai, who was a member of the AmCham Taiwan Board of Governors and co-chair of the Telecom & Media Committee when she served as Managing Director for Taiwan & China for the FOX Networks Group.

AmCham President Andrew Wylegala and Senior Advisor Don Shapiro attended the event to represent the Chamber.

Among the dignitaries speaking at the ceremony were Vice President Lai Ching-te, Legislative Speaker You Si-kun, and Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te. President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng-chang delivered remarks by video. In her comments, President Tsai stressed Taiwan+’s mission of showcasing Taiwan’s development into a “vibrant democracy that protects freedom of speech and expression,” as well as serving as a means to “show the world our diversity, our achievement, and our aspiration to contribute to the international community.”

The project is also seen as supporting Taiwan’s Bilingual Nation initiative designed to boost Taiwan’s competitiveness by raising the level of English-language proficiency.