We’re Hiring: Senior Manager Of Events & Sponsorships

AmCham Taiwan is looking for a positive and proactive individual to join our dedicated team!

We are currently accepting applications. To apply, please send  1) English statement of interest and  2) English resume by October 29th, 2021 to Betty Lu at [email protected].

Job Title: AmCham Taipei Senior Manager Of Events & Sponsorships

Job Summary

Responsible for ensuring the success of AmCham Taiwan’s physical and virtual events, to include initiation and execution of events and programs, (such as NextGen in the area of training), as well as to support associated sponsor relations and marketing campaigns. Success will be measured in terms of member satisfaction, financial results and support delivered to Chamber mission and objectives. Reports to the President of AmCham Taiwan and oversees two permanent staff, and additional contractors and interns.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with President, other staff colleagues, and Committee co-chairs to set annual business plan and to track progress over the course of the year. Initiate novel event plans aimed at serving existing members and attracting additional ones.
  • Work with Finance Department on annual budget planning for Events Department and to optimize resource input and financial results for all events.
  • Devise themes, sponsorship and marketing plans and collaborate with all stakeholders for Signature Events such as Hsieh Nien Fan, American Ball, Annual General Meeting, and various industry forums.
  • Supervise on-site event execution, especially for events over 50 attendees, high-level government visits, CEO Roundtables and other high-profile events.
  • Oversee and help execute the NextGen year-long educational program.
  • Lead, coach and support Events team members, including interns and contractors.
  • Supervise design and message content of all marketing collateral for events and execute all marketing/branding initiatives.
  • Represent the Chamber to attend events of member companies, trade offices and other.


  • To provide a fora for promotion, networking, advocacy and information access for AmCham Taiwan members — and future AmCham members.
  • To create stimulating and entertaining events for our members, partners and guests.
  • To help generate the revenues needed for proactive Chamber programming across the range of service activities.
  • To promote the Chamber’s core values in the community.


  • Possess four or more years’ experience in event design and execution and/or sales and marketing or public affairs functions, with knowledge of general business practices (contracting, procurement) in Taiwan.
  • Established networks and capacity to expand those rapidly on the job.
  • Excellent communication skills in Mandarin and English, both verbal and written.
  • Superior interpersonal skills, the ability to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate well laterally across functions/departments and to supervise subordinates or monitor contractors and interns.

Desired Qualifications

  • Degree or certifications in business, marketing, communications or hospitality/MICE trades. At least 5 years of professional work experience.
  • Experience studying or working in/with the United States.

Benefit Package Offered:

  • Insurance Premiums  (for employee only are paid under national insurance scheme.
  • Year of Service / Annual Leave Days
    • 0-2 / 10
    • 3-5 / 14
    • 6-10 / 19
    • 11-15 / 25
  • Holidays Observed: All Taiwan national holidays as set by the Executive Yuan, plus three additional U.S. holidays, each of a single day: Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Participation in Labor Pension Fund.
  • Annual Salary: NT$1.05 million – NT$1.5 million (with a three-month probation period to correspond with the “Acting” title).
  • The position requires proximity for regular commuting to our central Taipei location and occasional on-site presence beyond standard work hours to execute events held early or late in the workday. AmCham staff is now working roughly 30-50% from home, on rotation, due to pandemic distancing concerns within the office. Our attendance policies will remain under regular review with evolving conditions. Hiring and start date for this position will take ideally take place in the final weeks of 2021.

[Updated] AmCham Taiwan Rises to the Pandemic Challenge: Board Election by Mail and Annual General Meeting Online.

  • First-ever return-by-mail ballot for Board of Governors and Supervisors mailed to you 10/7.
  • This year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Nov. 16, 9am, adds in consideration of Merger Plan and updates to Articles of Association.

Dear AmCham Voting Member:

I hope this letter finds you, too, heading back to your office as Taiwan progresses toward a safe, productive exit from the pandemic. (AmCham staff returned to full office attendance on Monday!).   In this busy year-end season we ask you to support your Chamber with two essential member duties: (1) selecting Board leadership and (2) fulfilling our AGM obligations which, this year, include transforming into a larger, more impactful Chamber: AmCham Taiwan.  We need your participation to meet our quorum of voting members and, then, to finalize with your vote the merger that has been underway for a year.

 On our election, we are proud to bring for your consideration a full slate of talented leaders to take our expanding Chamber into its 71st year.  Please carefully review the “Meet the Candidates” document (Attachment #1) as you finalize your choices. To make life simpler in a year complicated by COVID, the Board of Governors decided at its September meeting to implement the 2020 Board Election via a mail-back written ballot. You will find below a graphic showing how to vote. The votes will be tabulated and certified by our certifying body, Deloitte Taiwan  (Thank you for your assistance, valued member, Deloitte!) at the November Board meeting with the election results shared with membership soon thereafter. The ballot, itself, is contained in Attachment #2. After completing it, please send your ballot to Deloitte in the postage-paid envelope that we have provided no later than Nov 8th.

Secondly, we are in the final phase of legally merging our legacy organization, AmCham Taipei, into our new entity, AmCham Taiwan, under Ministry of Interior auspices. To accomplish the merger, we must transfer each membership through a process covered.  The return of that document will serve to communicate acceptance of your resignation from AmCham Taipei, simultaneously transferring your membership to AmCham Taiwan. This process will seamlessly port your account to the new organization, such that you will not encounter any additional liabilities nor lose credits in the transfer.

Our Chamber excels year in and year out through the hard work of committee co-chairs, board members, individual members and pro bono service and in-kind supporters of this Chamber, all on a volunteer basis.  (In fact, some of my staff also feel that they qualify for this “volunteer” category, as well…).  This is an important time to pause and express deep appreciation to two of such countless, generous members:  Winkler Partners has donated scores of hours of painstaking legal work to guide us through this unprecedented NGO re-registration process in Taiwan, while a Board Supervisor and other friends from Baker McKenzie have provided invaluable assistance in strengthening our Articles of Association. Grant Thornton has provided extra services as our consultant on transition finances.  Deep thanks to all four of those organizations from your grateful Chamber!

If you have any questions regarding any of these year-end procedures, please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Chen at [email protected], or me, on 2-2718-8226, ext. 621.



Andrew Wylegala


Building Momentum for a Taiwan-U.S. BTA

The current unprecedented opportunities for business and technological cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S. was the theme of a Taiwan-U.S. Business Roundtable this morning co-organized by the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan (CNAIC) and the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan. The event was held at the Palais de Chine Hotel.

In his opening remarks, CNAIC Chairman Por-Fong Lin recalled that a year ago this month the two sponsoring organizations issued a joint statement calling on the American and Taiwan governments to begin negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement (BTA). He noted that subsequent developments have improved the environment for taking that step and increased its importance.

Echoing that sentiment, AmCham Chairman CW Chin referred to the current situation as a “special moment in the relationship” between the two countries. The challenges presented by the COVID pandemic only brought them closer together, with Taiwan donating some 10 million surgical masks to the U.S. and the U.S. helping to provide Taiwan with much needed vaccines.

Another positive development – recent revival of the bilateral TIFA process for trade and investment negotiations after a five-year hiatus – was cited by Jen-Ni Yang, Deputy Trade Representative of Taiwan’s Office of Trade Negotiations. Bureau of Foreign Trade Director General Cynthia Kiang stressed the increasingly close cooperation between Taiwan and the U.S. in helping maintain strong and stable supply chains.

A keynote speech by Professor Philip Yang of National Taiwan University, a former Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan’s National Security Council, discussed other favorable trends, including signs that as part of its Indo-Pacific strategy the U.S. is paying greater attention to Taiwan’s strategic value. At the same time, he noted pressures arising from the growing U.S.-China economic competition, especially in the technology sphere.

In a roundtable discussion moderated by Regent Taipei Executive Chairman Steven Pan, business executives from both domestic and multinational companies contributed their expertise regarding the industries regarded as having the greatest potential for collaboration between U.S. and Taiwan companies – semiconductors and other ICT/5G-related products, medical technology and other healthcare items, electric vehicles (EV), and the energy and chemical sectors.

Pan summarized the panel’s key recommendations as follows:

  • The Taiwan and U.S. governments should regularly coordinate regarding industrial policy and promote strategic public-private partnerships on critical supply chains for the ICT 5G, medical technology, and EV sectors.
  • U.S. companies should leverage Taiwan’s sophisticated manufacturing platform to create a regional technology hub for Asia.
  • Taiwan and the U.S. should take advantage of the Taiwanese talent pool in both Taiwan and the U.S. in support of a manufacturing renaissance.

The semiconductor field is considered particularly promising for U.S.-Taiwan cooperation because of the complementary nature of the industries on the two sides, said John Chen, Senior Director of the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC) of the Institute for Information Industry. Taiwan is strong in the foundry and packing/testing segments, while the U.S. historically dominates the design and marketing functions.

A session moderated by Peter Huang, Secretary General of the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei, featured a special presentation by AmCham Taiwan President Andrew Wylegala introducing the concept of a Taiwan Commercial Initiative (TCI). The Initiative would seek to promote a series of concrete steps that hopefully would lead to a BTA.

A corollary initiative was set out by former AmCham Chairman and President Leo Seewald, who advocated conclusion of a bilateral tax agreement between Taiwan and the U.S. to increase certainty for business, boost investment, and reduce tax disputes.

Closing remarks by the two business organizations emphasized their commitment to continue working together to achieve the goal of upgrading bilateral economic relations through a BTA.









  • 台灣與美國政府應定期合作,針對資通訊、5G、醫療科技及電動車等關鍵產業,商討政策,並促進公私部門策略聯盟。
  • 美國企業應善用台灣成熟的製造產業,作為亞洲地區的科技中心。
  • 台灣與美國雙邊應善用台灣人才,以活化製造產業。





In Memoriam, Dr. E.F. Einhorn (1918-2021)

Longtime AmCham Taiwan member, Ephraim Ferdinand Einhorn died September 15, 2021 — three days after his 103rd birthday — in National Taiwan University Hospital after an extended illness. He will be buried in Israel.

Born in Vienna, Einhorn was a naturalized American citizen who had lived in Taiwan since 1975. He had many contacts in Eastern Europe and over the years assisted Taiwan in developing connections with such countries as Poland and Lithuania. At times his AmCham membership was held in the name of the Polish Chamber of Commerce. He was also president of the Taipei-based World Patent Trading Co. and, trained as a Rabbi, he was the spiritual leader of the Taiwan Jewish Community.

In 2016, the AmCham Board of Governors presented Einhorn with a certificate as a Lifetime Honorary Member. A TOPICS article at the time introduced the man and his achievements.


Photo: Courtesy of Taiwan Jewish Community

Congratulations to Longstanding Chamber Members

AmCham Taiwan came into being 70 years ago this month upon completion of official registration with the government. Of the five founding company members, only one – the Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. – continues to maintain a presence in the Chamber through its successor company ExxonMobil. The history of both the Exxon and Mobil precursors of the company formed by their merger in 1999 can be traced back to Socony-Vacuum, which itself was an offshoot of the Standard Oil Co. founded by John D. Rockefeller.

AmCham’s records don’t go back far enough to establish the date of entry into the organization of other early members. But the office does have a copy of a membership roster from 1986 – 35 years ago or the midpoint in the Chamber’s history to date. On the occasion of AmCham Taiwan’s 70th anniversary, we would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the following companies that have been members continuously since the first half of the Chamber’s existence:


  • 3M
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • American Club in China
  • American Express
  • Amway
  • Atlas Copco
  • AT&T
  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Bank of America
  • Bank of New York Mellon (previously Mellon Bank)
  • BNP Paribas (previously Banque Nationale de
  • Paris and Banque Paribas)
  • ExxonMobil (originally Socony-Vacuum)
  • FedEx (acquired Flying Tiger Lines)
  • Ford Lio Ho
  • Fourstar Group
  • General Electric
  • HSBC
  • IBM
  • Insurance Co. of North America
  • Int’l Community Radio Taipei
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KPMG (from Peat Marwick Mitchell)
  • Lai Fu Trading/Air Associates (now Rehfeldt Group)
  • Lee and Li
  • Lockheed Martin (previously Lockheed)
  • Marsh Ltd. (previously Marsh & McLennan)
  • BASF
  • Bechtel/PECL (originally Pacific Engineers)
  • Bristol-Myers (formerly Bristol-Myers Squibb)
  • Citibank (previously First National City Bank)
  • Coca-Cola
  • Crown Van Lines
  • Deloitte (previously Touche Ross Int’l)
  • Dow Chemical
  • DuPont
  • Eli Lilly & Co.
  • Nielsen Taiwan (previously A.C. Nielsen)
  • Nike
  • Pfizer
  • Philips
  • President Van Lines
  • PwC Taiwan (previously Price Waterhouse)
  • Roche 
  • Russin, Vecchi (formerly Kaplan, Russin, Vecchi and Parker)
  • SGS
  • Societe Generale
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Taipei American School
  • Tsar & Tsai
  •  United Airlines

AmCham Webinar Highlights Investment and Public-Private Partnership Opportunities in Tackling the Climate Crisis

On September 8, AmCham Taiwan hosted a special event with Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest wildlife conservation organization. The NWF is a longstanding partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration. Andrew Wylegala, president of AmCham Taiwan, introduced O’Mara at the virtual event. In his opening remarks, Wylegala discussed the alignment between the U.S. and Taiwan’s goals to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

O’Mara’s presentation highlighted the escalating climate crisis and explained how collective action and public-private partnerships are vital to achieving the U.S. and Taiwan’s energy and environmental goals. He stated his belief that clean energy will be the greatest market opportunity of most of our lifetimes, but also underscored the massive investment opportunities for Taiwan in the areas of energy efficiency, smart buildings, advanced transportation, education, and agriculture. He explained that the Chamber’s members are well-positioned to “do well and do good” at the same time, as the climate-friendly choice is often the more profitable choice. AmCham Taiwan members have vast opportunities to benefit from job and wealth creation in green energy, as well as to make an impact on mitigating the climate threat.

In the Q&A section, Mr. O’Mara discussed President Biden’s “Build Back Better” public-private partnership initiative and the interaction among the U.S. EPA, Taiwan EPA, AmCham members, and AIT to work toward net zero goals. Wylegala highlighted Chamber member Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s (TSMC) efforts to increase its use of renewables and conserve water, as well as the trend among AmCham’s financial services industry members to adopt green bonds. The NWF looks forward to future opportunities to partner with the Chamber on helping the U.S. and Taiwan reach net zero by 2050.

Streaming Taiwan’s Story to the World

TaiwanPlus (Taiwan+), the country’s first English-language international streaming media, went online August 30 following a launch ceremony on the plaza in front of the National Taiwan Museum in 228 Peace Park. The platform is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and operated by the Central News Agency. The CEO is Joanne Tsai, who was a member of the AmCham Taiwan Board of Governors and co-chair of the Telecom & Media Committee when she served as Managing Director for Taiwan & China for the FOX Networks Group.

AmCham President Andrew Wylegala and Senior Advisor Don Shapiro attended the event to represent the Chamber.

Among the dignitaries speaking at the ceremony were Vice President Lai Ching-te, Legislative Speaker You Si-kun, and Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te. President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng-chang delivered remarks by video. In her comments, President Tsai stressed Taiwan+’s mission of showcasing Taiwan’s development into a “vibrant democracy that protects freedom of speech and expression,” as well as serving as a means to “show the world our diversity, our achievement, and our aspiration to contribute to the international community.”

The project is also seen as supporting Taiwan’s Bilingual Nation initiative designed to boost Taiwan’s competitiveness by raising the level of English-language proficiency.

AmCham Hosts Webinar with Labor Minister Hsu Ming-chun

As Taiwan appears to be nearing the end of a community outbreak of COVID-19 that began in May, many business owners must now make the tough decision of whether to call employees back to the office or continue their hybrid or work-from-home policies.

As remote working arrangements could potentially become a permanent option for employment even after the pandemic is over, Minister of Labor Hsu Ming-chun on July 27 joined an AmCham webinar to speak about labor conditions and regulations regarding this new trend.

During her presentation, Minister Hsu provided guidelines for employers to follow, which include:

  • Safety, health, and protection in a working environment: The Ministry of Labor emphasizes labor inspections, especially of food delivery platforms, retailers, and other businesses with a high risk of transmission of COVID-19.
  • Flexible working hours: Employers should communicate clearly with their employees any adjustments to work start and end times. Besides flexible working hours, vaccination and caretaking leave should also be provided.
  • Remote working: The government issued principles for work conducted outside of the normal workplace in 2015. These include replacing physical time clocks with online clock-in systems for digital records.

Hsu also urged member companies to pay attention to employees’ mental health and work-life balance since remote working decreases personal interaction.

AmCham Hosts Webinar with NDC Minister Kung Ming-hsin

On July 16, AmCham held a webinar with National Development Council (NDC) Minister Kung Ming-Hsin, who spoke to members about the government’s most recent COVID-19 relief program.

Daniel Tseng, Secretary of AmCham’s Board of Governors and President of Corning Display Technologies Taiwan, moderated the event. He introduced Minister Kung and thanked the NDC for its collaboration with AmCham Taiwan and support for the Chamber’s annual Taiwan White Paper.

Kung began his presentation by summarizing the current COVID-19 situation in Taiwan. In May, an outbreak of local infections resulted in a peak of between 500 and 600 new cases daily, Kung said, adding that Taiwan quickly contained the spread by introducing Level 3 restrictions. While Taiwan continues to record double-digit local COVID-19 cases each day, vaccines are becoming more available and Taiwan’s vaccination rate is increasing.

In contrast with last year’s initial outbreak, the economic effects of this new phase are concentrated on local businesses. Under the Level 3 restrictions, leisure, exhibition, and education-related activities have all been suspended. Other industries, such as food and beverage, tourism, and transportation also face heavy restrictions.

In terms of economic relief for businesses, Kung noted that Taiwan allocated comparatively few funds during the initial phases of the pandemic because Taiwan’s early response, largely informed by their experience with SARS, was highly effective. Given this, special reserves were available to implement broader relief measures.

The government’s approach to relief-funding is to concentrate financial aid on industries experiencing the most stress. Instead of providing blanket cash subsidies, the government has reserved financial resources for impacted industries and individuals, including unemployed workers and the service and tourism industries. Foreigners and part-time and contract workers are also eligible for aid. Additionally, the government introduced a NT$10,000-per-child family assistance program and helped certain households with expenses related to rent and utilities.

Concluding the presentation, Minister Kung noted the goal of the government’s COVID policies is to prioritize prevention, relief, and revitalization.

During the Q&A session held afterwards, a concern was raised about the difficulty some foreigners experienced with registering for vaccination appointments through the online platform. Registration on the platform is based on the number on an individual’s National Health Insurance (NHI) card, which not all foreigners possess. Kung responded that he would raise the issue with the relevant agency in order to determine an alternative method for foreigners without an NHI card to register.

Responding to a question about relief for foreign businesses, Kung noted that small and medium-sized companies qualify for financial assistance, regardless of the owner’s nationality. Business owners and individuals can dial the 1988 economic relief and stimulus hotline for assistance. Kung also hosts a weekly office hour to assist companies with applying for pandemic relief.

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan and Colleagues Address AmCham Webinar

On June 28, AmCham Taiwan hosted a webinar with the Taoyuan City Government to provide information on government response to COVID-19 and relief efforts for businesses. The webinar – titled “COVID-19 Measures and Prospect of Taoyuan City” – featured a presentation and Q&A with Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan. He was joined by directors and staff from Taoyuan’s Secretariat, as well as its IT, Public Health, and Economic Development sections. AmCham Taiwan President Andrew Wylegela moderated the event.

In his opening remarks, Mayor Cheng emphasized Taoyuan’s importance as a travel and technology hub. To mitigate the impact of the pandemic on lives and businesses, Taoyuan has used multiple lines of defense to safeguard its population, including expanded COVID-19 testing, disinfection, and vaccination, while providing financial and logistical support to businesses.

Regarding vaccination, Taoyuan City Government noted that medical personnel, epidemic prevention workers in the central and local governments, frontline workers, and pregnant women currently can make appointments to be vaccinated. Additionally, foreign nationals with an ARC in designated priority groups are eligible for government-funded vaccines.

Photo Credit: Taoyuan City Government

Taoyuan’s daily vaccination capacity is dependent on their allocation by the central government. The city can now administer more than 10,000 doses daily, Taoyuan City Government said.

Speaking about relief loans, Cheng and colleagues informed AmCham members that Taoyuan offers services connecting businesses with loans and subsidies. More information can be found on the Taoyuan Department of Economic Development’s webpage.

Answering a question about migrant worker rights during the live Q&A session, Cheng emphasized that the Taoyuan government requires that companies treat migrant workers equally or face being penalized. The government said that it encourages migrant workers to stay in their dorms during the outbreak and provides them with entertainment and an allowance, but that they cannot be banned from going out. Taoyuan houses nearly 120,000 migrant workers, more than any other city in Taiwan.

To close the event, Andrew Wylegala thanked Mayor Cheng for answering member’s questions and for “sharing his vision for how Taiwan not only copes with but emerges stronger from the other side of this pandemic … we will do our best to channel all of this information to AmCham’s members using our website and other channels.”