AIT Director Meets with AmCham Leadership

Continuing his practice of meeting once each quarter to exchange views with the AmCham leadership, AIT Director Brent Christensen and several of his colleagues spent two hours in discussion with Chamber representatives on December 1.

The topics included the pending change in the name of the Chamber from AmCham Taipei to AmCham Taiwan, likely trends in U.S.-Taiwan economic relations in 2021 as a new administration takes office in Washington, and potential new areas of cooperation between AIT and AmCham.

The AmCham attendees were Chairperson CW Chin; President Leo Seewald; Board members Tim Shields, Angela Yu, Roger Yee, Renee Chou, Manohar Thyagaraj, and Stephen Tan; Intellectual Property & Licensing Committee Co-chairs Peter Dernbach and Vincent Shih; AmCham Senior Director Don Shapiro; and AmCham Director of Government and Public Affairs Gwenyth Wang-Reeves.

Accompanying Director Christensen from AIT were Commercial Section Chief Helen Peterson, Economic Section Deputy Chief Arati Shroff, and Economic officer Phill Loosli.

Due to the ongoing renovation project in the AmCham office, the meeting took place in a conference room at Baker McKenzie.

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