Power Emails: How to get twice done in half the time

E-mails are supposed to be fast and easy, but in the modern workplace they can easily become a hassle. With limited time but ever accumulating messages, time is wasted and misunderstandings arise when online communication is not conducted properly. Managers and employees need to fully know how to utilize the power of e-mail, whether it is through adequate software training, email writing skills, or identifying the right type of communication.

On June 15th, AmCham Taipei invited William Zyzo, Managing Director of Z&A Knowledge Solutions and Advisor to AmCham Taipei’s Advanced Learning Lab, to the Lincoln Room to lead the seminar entitled “POWER Emails: How to get twice done in half the time”. To boost teamwork and involvement amongst attendees, Zyzo integrated e-mail style workshops and encouraged dynamic discussion regarding what types of communication guests use in their workplace.

Agenda included:

  1. How to manage the time-eating beast called email
  2. How to systematically improve your writing quality
  3. How to use the POWER Framework using actual business cases
  4. Where to get more help after the seminar

The Lincoln Room is made possible by the generosity of a number of sponsoring companies:

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