Insurance Committee Presentation Focuses on Fintech

According to the World Economic Forum, the growing use of financial technology (fintech) is expected to bring disruptive innovation to the world of finance, increasing efficiency and lowering the costs of financial services. Fintech is already the focus of serious attention in many countries, and Taiwan is no exception.

At a luncheon meeting organized by AmCham Taipei’s Insurance Committee at The Sherwood Taipei on December 14, Jennifer Wang, Vice President and the Distinguished Chair Professor of National Cheng-Chi University, gave attendees an update on current developments in fintech in Taiwan. Since introducing the relevant regulations early this year, the Taiwanese government has been encouraging enterprises, both financial institutions and start-ups in various industries, to participate in this new field. Having more companies involved in the current experimental stage for fintech in Taiwan is seen as enabling the authorities to refine the regulations to make them as effective as possible.

From left to right: AmCham Taipei President Andrea Wu; Speaker Professor Jennifer Wang; AmCham Taipei Insurance Committee co-chairs Dan Ting, Chairman of Hotai Insurance and Linda Tsou from Cigna Taiwan Life Assurance.

Wang, a former Vice Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Commission, said fintech offers hope of bringing the following benefits:

  • Lowering the costs of financial services
  • Collecting big data and financial information to analyze
  • Providing customized financial services based on the collected data
  • Enhancing supervision of the financial sector and preventing financial crimes
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