Gain More Shoppers for Your Brand 

Every day, we pass by hundreds of products, advertisements, and business logos, on the streets or on the internet, but only a few of them catch our eyes. What is the difference between the brands that capture our attention and those neglected? For a company, how to stand out among millions of brands – and most of all, what is the secret to owning a sustainable brand in this ever-changing world?

On November 30, the AmCham Retail and Cosmetics Committees jointly invited Marcy Kou, CEO of Kantar Worldpanel Asia, to break down the secrets behind a successful brand. On the topic of “Gain More Shoppers for Your Brand,” Kuo pointed out that the key to building an influential brand is the ability to recruit incremental shoppers.

From left to right: AmCham President Andrea Wu; Speaker Marcy Kou, CEO of Kantar Worldpanel Asia; AmCham Retail Committee Co-Chair Mark Chen, General Manager of Abbott Laboratories Services Corp., Taiwan Branch.

Kou presented five tips to expanding the number of shoppers:

  • More moments – Associate your brand with a special moment, and encourage shoppers to share their moments. This is a prevailing approach on the internet.
  • More presence – Recurring presence reinforces brand images on customers’ minds, and thus differentiates your brand from your competitors.
  • More targets – Reach out to new groups of shoppers. For example, vegan flavors help an ice cream brand obtain new customers.
  • More categories – Diversify product lines for various types of consumers, such as kids.
  • New needs – Create or discover new features from existing products. For instance, a company that sells probiotic beverages extended their business into beauty masks made from the same ingredients as the beverage.

Providing new incentives for consumers to make a purchase and further share their user experiences are what enable a brand to stay at the top of the game.

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