The Future of Adaptive Marketing

The average attention span has declined significantly in recent decades. In 2000, our concentration could still last for 12 seconds. In 2015, the number dropped to eight seconds. Owning multiple communications devices and using them simultaneously have become an integral part of our lives. Plus, today’s consumers are no longer satisfied to stay on the receiving end of the information flow. Consumer engagement is customarily expected when it comes to marketing.

Due to all these changes, marketing has become extremely complicated. There seem to be no rules to follow anymore.

From left to right: AmCham President Andrea Wu; Geese Niu, Business Director, MindShare Communications Taiwan; Speaker Susan Chao, Managing Director of Mindshare Communications Taiwan; Travel and Tourism Committee Co-Chair Achim v. Hake, General Manager, The Sherwood Taipei.

To map out a path for the future of marketing, Susan Chao, Managing Director of Mindshare Communications Taiwan, was invited to speak on “The Future of Adaptive Marketing” at an AmCham Taipei special luncheon at The Sherwood Taipei on December 7. Chao’s presentation outlined three strategies to successful marketing today:

  • Involve multiple media channels to generate a more powerful information flow.
  • Capture and interact with consumers.
  • Utilize adaptive marketing – tailoring advertising approaches based on individual data – for greater effectiveness and efficiency than traditional marketing.

Adaptive marketing involves the collection of user data, customization of the advertising content according to personal preferences, and delivery of the content through the channels guaranteed to reach the target audience. Customized information increases the opportunity to seize the attention of the desired targets within a short period of time, before their focus drifts to another device.

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