Tourism 2020: A Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy

Taiwan boasts a number of scenic destinations and tourism resources. Despite the decline in Chinese tourists since 2016, Taiwan has been able to increase the number of visitors from other areas. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is working with local governments and the private sector to develop sustainable models for the travel industry by offering a visitor-friendly environment, smart travel facilities, and authentic experiences.

AmCham Taipei’s Travel & Tourism Committee invited Tourism Bureau Director-general Chou Yung-Hui to deliver a Chinese-language presentation on “Tourism 2020 – 台灣永續觀光發展願景” and share strategies on developing sustainable tourism. The presentation took place at a luncheon held at the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel on September 8.

Chou provided an overview of the current status of Taiwan’s tourism market and noted key trends impacting the travel and tourism industry globally:

  • Growing Asian Market: the Asia-Pacific market is stronger than ever and will be the fastest growing region for tourism development.
  • Globalization Effect: tourists are showing an increasing preference for shorter-distance international trips.
  • Localization and cultural relevance: consumers’ desire for an authentic experience play an integral part in their travel planning.
  • Digital transformation: the rise of digital technology has changed consumer travel behavior and has created new business opportunities.

From left to right: Andrea Wu, AmCham Taipei president, AmCham Travel & Tourism Committee Co-chair Pauline Leung, CEO, Compass Public Relations Ltd.; Director-general Chou Yung-Hui, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.; and Director Cheng Ying-Huei, International Affairs, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C.

In line with the global trends and the government’s New Southbound policy, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be implementing the following strategies to develop a sustainable tourism market for Taiwan:

  • Market diversification: the emphasis will be on Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia; deepening the penetration of the European and American markets, maintenance of the Chinese market, and further developing new market segments including MICE, cruise lines, Muslim tourism, and charter-flight travelers.
  • Promotion of domestic travel: deployment of a new Citizen’s Travel Card program designed to encourage domestic travel through high-quality travel packages.
  • Guidance for industrial transformation: adjustments to the tourism structure to improve service quality and maximize opportunities for businesses through brand exposure, quality-evaluation mechanisms, increased resources and support for travel agencies, and strengthened training for foreign-tour guides.
  • Smart tourism: integration and improvement of services for Foreign Independent Travelers (FIT), including travel information, ticketing systems, and public transport services.
  • Expansion of experiential tourism: working with local governments to create new tourist attractions and promote localized travel adventures, such as themed itineraries for scenic spots catering to international tourists.

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