Advanced Learning Lab: How to Organize Information Logically

Consider the number of presentations, reports, and emails you watch and read in a week. Each is packed with information: more words and data than you probably care to see. Think of how much time and effort—and misunderstanding—you and your people could save if that information was organized simply, clearly, and logically?

On July 26th, William Zyzo, Managing Director of Z&A Knowledge Solutions held a half-day workshop entitled “How to Organize Information Logically” for AmCham Taipei’s Advanced Learning Lab in the Chamber’s Lincoln Room. In the session, Zyzo shared useful tools and methods on organizing complex business information in digital form — whether that information is placed in an email, document, or presentation slide.

Through case studies and hands-on group exercises, Zyzo introduced the process of organizing information in a way that is not only emotionally appealing but also logically sound, using powerful forms including diagrams, maps, charts, tables, and text. Attendees learned the importance of reducing cognitive load and presenting information in a way that persuades and influences the audience. Throughout the session, Zyzo challenged and encouraged attendees to ask the following questions to determine whether information is well organized:

  • Are the ideas presented using a familiar form?
  • What is the organizing principle?
  • What is the logic: objective or subjective?
  • Which of the seven visualizers are used to visualize the elements?

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