2017 AmCham Membership Satisfaction Survey

At AmCham Taipei, we are constantly working to deliver a great experience for our members and looking for ways to further improve our services. Between May 18 and June 23, we conducted a Membership Satisfaction Survey consisting of 12 questions. A total of 111 AmCham Taipei members responded to the survey with their feedback.

“The Membership Satisfaction Survey provides valuable insight into the needs of our members,” said Andrea Wu, president of the Chamber. “It serves as a benchmark for our performance and provides a comparative measure of our success from year to year.”

AmCham Taipei is grateful to all members who participated in the survey. As a token of our appreciation, a lucky draw contest was held, with prizes to three participants.

The Membership Satisfaction Survey not only reflects areas of success and needed improvement but also helps inform future AmCham Taipei initiatives and priorities. Future surveys will enable us to track the results of our member satisfaction efforts over time.

Here are the results of the 2017 Membership Survey (click images to enlarge):

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