How to Ask Great Questions

Good leaders ask good questions. The reason is simple: no leader, no matter how experienced, can solve every problem at work, assume every responsibility, and perform every task. They need their people to learn to think on their feet. In fact, the higher up the organization we move, the more important leading with questions becomes.

On April 26th, AmCham Taipei invited William Zyzo, Managing Director, Z&A Knowledge Solutions / Advisor, to share some strategies on how to think out of the box when engaging with clients, distributors and suppliers. In the session “How to Ask Great Questions,” attendees learned the importance of asking effective questions and using it as a mechanism to engage, influence, and inspire others to come up with answers on their own, while fostering closer, more trusting, and lasting relationships.

During the seminar, attendees participated in hands-on activities with other business leaders to further explore the following topics and engaged in discussions on:
• Understanding the implications entailed with every question and the response it triggers
• How to ask five types of questions at the right time and in the right way
• How today’s top global business leaders ask and answer questions

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