Marketing & Distribution Committee Luncheon: The Changing Media Landscape

On March 16th, the AmCham Marketing & Distribution Committee held a luncheon at the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and invited Irene Chen, Vice President, Media Research, Nielsen Taiwan & Hong Kong to speak about “Consumer Connections in a Changing Media Landscape.”

Over the last decade, one of the greatest impact on consumer landscape is the Internet. The Internet has changed the way consumers embrace new technology, receive information, and messages from TV, print, and digital media – catching consumers’ attention is becoming more and more difficult.

Consumer Connections in a Changing Media Landscape, at the Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.

In this sharing session, Irene Chen, answered the 5 key questions advertisers should think about:

  • What are consumers’ media behaviors?
  • How have they changed?
  • What are the latest trends?
  • How do I connect to different groups of consumers?
  • How do I evaluate digital ad investment with the right KPI to achieve the best ROI?
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