2017 Business Climate Survey Press Conference

Representatives of some 30 Taiwan media organizations came to AmCham Taipei’s Lincoln Room today for a briefing by Chamber chairman Albert Chang, managing partner in Taiwan for the global consulting firm McKinsey & Co., on the results of AmCham’s 2017 Business Climate Survey. The seventh annual survey was conducted between October and December last year, with 173 top executives of AmCham’s member companies responding.

Chang stressed that the survey respondents view Taiwan as a positive business environment. Most companies made money in 2016 and expect good revenue and profits in the year to come, and they are continuing to invest in this market and add more employment.


Albert Chang, Chamber chairman Albert Chang, managing partner in Taiwan for the global consulting firm McKinsey & Co., presents AmCham’s 2017 Business Climate Survey.

“The problem is that the pace of improvement is not fast enough,” said Chang. He noted that three areas in particular stood out as needing government attention:

1) Government regulations and the rules-making process. Needed is more transparency, consistency, and prior consultation with stakeholders. Chang commended the government of Premier Lin Chuan for recently increasing the notice and comment period for new regulations from 14 to 60 days, and urged government agencies to fully utilize this platform by providing meaningful responses to public comments.

2) The new Labor Law provisions. Chang described the new amendments as a “big headache for many companies” both in terms of increased costs and continued lack of clarity about how to be in compliance.

3) Cross-Strait relations. “Investors value certainty and stability,” Chang observed.

Other points covered by the survey include:

  • Trade agreements. Although the Trump administration has withdrawn the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, new opportunities may arise for strengthening U.S.-Taiwan economic relations through bilateral rather than multilateral channels, possibly including a “free and fair trade agreement” and/or a bilateral investment agreement, said Chang. He said the survey showed strong membership support for bilateral exchanges with the U.S. through the TIFA (Trade and Investment Framework Agreement) process.
  • Tsai administration’s priority objectives. The respondents reported that the five pillar industries that the new government has targeted for development are relevant to their businesses and offer good opportunities for public/private collaboration. Chang called the setting of the policy directions “a good start,” and urged the government to form task forces in each of the five sectors to reach out to the private sector on means of cooperation.
  • Role of the six major municipalities. For the first time, the survey asked members how their businesses are impacted by municipal governments. The results pointed to significant room for improvement in how local governments facilitate business, treat foreign companies, and align their rules with national-level regulations.
  • Personnel. As in past surveys, respondents highly applauded Taiwanese employees’ work ethic and trustworthiness. The main areas of weakness were innovation and creativity.
  • Life in Taiwan. Once again, respondents were enthusiastic about Taiwan as a safe and friendly place to live, with good-quality medical care. Problem areas cited included pedestrian traffic safety and air quality.

Chang noted that Taiwan has lagged behind most other countries in the region in recent years in attracting Foreign Direct Investment. But he said that if the “cloud” of the several key problem areas could be removed, Taiwan should be able to dramatically enhance its investment attractiveness.

To view the full press release, or download the 2017 BCS report, follow the links below:

2017 Business Climate Survey Press Release (English)

2017 Business Climate Survey Press Release (Chinese)

2017 Business Climate Survey Report (PDF) 

2017 Business Climate Survey Press Announcement

This morning, AmCham Taipei presented its 2017 Business Climate Survey report at a press conference held in AmCham Taipei’s Lincoln Room.

AmCham Chairman Albert Chang introduced the Business Climate Survey, highlighting key reasons why this year’s report is more meaningful than those of previous years: Taiwan is at a precipice of uncertainty in the international arena, and now it needs more than ever to pick up the pace in improving regulatory issues and attracting foreign investment.

Live video of the press conference, courtesy of McKinsey Taiwan

For this year’s survey, AmCham Taipei invited 412 voting representatives (usually the top executive) of the Chamber’s member companies to answer a series of questions about the business environment in an online questionnaire. In conducting the survey and analyzing the data, the Chamber was grateful for the professional guidance of Independent Marketing & Research.

Each year, we have intentionally asked our business leaders the same, or nearly the same, set of questions. As a result, we have been able to track the degree of progress – or the lack thereof – across key issues over that period.


AmCham President Andrea Wu and Albert Chang, Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company, co-present the 2017 Business Climate Survey Report to media representatives at the February 20 press conference.

To view the full press release, or download the 2017 BCS report, follow the links below:

2017 Business Climate Survey Press Release (English)

2017 Business Climate Survey Press Release (Chinese)

2017 Business Climate Survey Report (PDF) 


Carnival Cruise Style – All in Corporate Travel

Carnival Cruise put on a workshop event, “Cruise Style – All in Corporate Travel” (食尚生活享遊輪 一兼二顧的企業旅遊) at the AmCham Lincoln Room on February 15th, to share how the transformation of consumption habits and lifestyle has impacted travel demands. Alex Cheng, Assistant Manager of Princess Cruises, explains how global cruise trips can meet the travel demand for food, accommodation and fun with carefully customized destinations and high cost-effectiveness.

Nowadays, people are drowned in daily life and work, and cruises allow travelers to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take Princess Cruises for example, the cruise itself is a tourist destination with a variety of entertainment on board to keep guests satisfied, regardless of age and gender. In addition, numbers of ports on the trip can provide you with brand new vision and experience of the harbor city in a completely different manner.

Carnival Cruise team in “Cruise Style – All in Corporate Travel” at the AmCham Lincoln Room.

Besides, cruise tour, an all-inclusive travel is the first choice for corporate travel as bonuses for employees. Princess Cruises has the world’s most popular routes and especially the harbor cities of Japan and Korea preferred by Taiwanese people. It is highly praised for its availability of short-term voyage and favorable prices, rich and diversified entertainment on board and in-depth shore sightseeing. Also, Princess Cruises owns ample space and brilliant facilities to meet the demand of planning meetings, events and cocktail parties. With cruise tour, it is possible to arrange a corporate travel that is both fun and within budget, while rewarding the employees and strengthening the cohesion to achieve a higher productivity.

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About Carnival

One of the best-known names in cruising, Princess Cruises first set sail in 1965 with a single ship cruising to Mexico. Today, the line has grown to become the third largest cruise line in the world, renowned for innovative ships, an array of onboard options, and an environment of exceptional customer service. A recognized leader in worldwide cruising, Princess carries 1.7 million guests each year to destinations around the globe ranging in length from three to 114 days, allowing them to see the world and come back new. During the past three years, voyages from Keelung has double growth every year; this year sailing length from Keelung and Kaohsiung is 172 days with 42 voyages, create a new record in Taiwan travel market.

How to Transform Text-Based Information into Visual Insights

On February 15th, AmCham Taipei hosted, “How to Transform Text-Based Information into Visual Insights” at the Regent Hotel. We invited William Zyzo, Managing Director of Z&A Knowledge Solutions / Advisor, Advanced Learning Lab, to introduce the step-by-step system for transforming any text-based information into a simple, attractive, visual insight.


William Zyzo in “How to Transform Text-Based Information into Visual Insights”

Through the event, attendees gained valuable lessons on strengthening presentation skills:

  • Hands-on training on how to visualize real business information
  • Where to get good quality photos, maps, and icons
  • Where to get good ideas for creating business presentations in PowerPoint

A number of guests that attended the seminar are in the sales, marketing, and finance fields – they learned about how to best communicate messages to make sure their audience can understand, accept, and act on their message immediately. This tool is also useful for managers or those in leadership roles who need to provide feedback on their staff’s presentation decks on the type of information they need, especially when dealing with complex information—and how to provide feedback to make the necessary changes.

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Note: AmCham events are intended primarily for AmCham members and their guests. Many events are open to members’ guests and other non-members, but the attendance of any non-member must be approved in advance. AmCham reserves the right not to admit a non-member to any event without explanation.

Participate on Join.gov.tw to Make Taiwan Better

Recently, the Executive Yuan instructed that all draft regulations of trade, investment, and intellectual property rights laws must be given a 60 day commenting period to allow feedback to be gathered from industry and the public. Furthermore, in order to generate the widest possible coverage, the Executive Yuan has instructed that such draft regulations should not only be announced through existing channels but also on its online portal, “Join,” accessible at ( https://join.gov.tw/ ).

Join, developed by National Development Council (NDC) with assistance from the office of Digital Minister Audrey Tang, facilitates two-way communication between government offices and members of the public on regulatory matters.


AmCham leaders paid a visit to Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister, last year to encourage the enhancement of the Government’s web-based regulatory commenting system.

AmCham Taipei is calling  on its member companies, especially those in highly regulated sectors of the economy, to participate in carefully tracking the status of new regulations through join.gov.tw and to work through the Chamber’s industry committees to help prepare well-considered comments for posting on Join.

Through effective use of this platform, Taiwan has an opportunity to boost government efficiency, promote broader participation in public affairs, and create a sounder business environment that may stimulate increased investment leading to stronger economic growth.

For more information, you may also read our Editorial in the latest issue of Taiwan Business TOPICS Magazine here.

Join AIT and Director Moy for a U.S. Citizen Town Hall

AIT Director Kin Moy would like to invite U.S. Citizens to a town hall on Wednesday, February 15th at 6:00pm at The Taipei American School (TAS). Director Moy will answer your questions and discuss AIT’s role in Taiwan in promoting U.S.-Taiwan relations.

AIT will also share information about the services they provide for U.S. citizens, and consular officers will be on hand to provide off-site notarial services and accept passport renewal applications.*

Who: All U.S. citizen travelers/residents are invited, so tell your friends!
This event will be off the record. No filming or recording, please.

When: Wednesday, February 15th at 6:00pm (please plan to arrive at TAS at 5:30pm
as you will have to pass through TAS security before entering the school grounds)

Where: The Taipei American School Small Theater
(2nd floor– follow the signs from the main entrance)
No. 800, Section 6, Zhongshan N Rd, Shilin District, Taipei
There is no campus parking available, but there are several public lots in the vicinity.
Please consider taking public transportation.

Please RSVP by Monday, February 13th to [email protected] A U.S. passport will be required for entry.

*AIT will only provide the services listed above. For all other services, please visit: