2016 AmCham Internship Reflections: Part 2

AmCham Summer Interns Reflect on their Experience

Each summer, AmCham Taipei’s Publications and Communications Department offers internships to several outstanding students at foreign universities to serve on the Taiwan Business TOPICS or help with the Chamber’s website and posts on social media. We asked members of the 2016 contingent to share their thoughts about the experience. 


 Alexander Melnik, University of Southern California

Spending two months in Taiwan was an unforgettable experience. This summer, I interned for AmCham as a Digital Media and Publications intern and had the chance to contribute to several projects. One of these was the AmCham blog, where I wrote posts, created graphics, and publicized content on social media. I also attended several important events, including AmCham’s White Paper luncheon and an international energy conference. Additionally, I examined Taiwan’s social atmosphere through a TOPICS article in which I explain Taiwan’s progressive LGBT stance and the prospects of marriage-equality legislation.

A highlight of my experience was getting lunch every day with fellow interns and AmCham team members. Taipei is filled with many restaurants, so there were some weeks when I went to a new place every day! These lunch breaks were a great time to try new foods, get to know co-workers, and explore Taipei. I also enjoyed attending AmCham events, such as the presentation on CRISPR, a cutting-edge biotechnology that could completely revolutionize how we combat cancer and diseases.

This internship has left me with a great impression of Taiwan as a wonderful environment in which to visit, work, and live. I can’t think of another place with such delicious and inexpensive food – especially boba (bubble tea)! – extremely friendly people, and an abundance of scenery and culture. I look forward to coming back in the future!


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