Tax Luncheon: Tax Challenges & Opportunities for Multinationals

On October 26, AmCham’s Tax Committee hosted a luncheon at the Regent Taipei, where Eunice Kuo, Partner of Deloitte China, gave a presentation on the Tax challenges and opportunities faced by multinational corporations in their supply chain management.

Synopsis of Kuo’s Presentation: 

Multinational companies have been constantly looking for optimal business transactional structures to streamline their operations and to optimize their tax efficiency. It has been common to see MNCs’ use of regional principal trading company, group intangibles owner and group financing and treasury center. Under the post-BEPS (base erosion and profit shifting) environment, would these commonly seen structures still be safe for tax purposes after the OECD introduced BEPS action plans and Asia Pacific tax authorities have been modifying local rules to respond to BEPS actions?

Kuo shared with with AmCham members and guests what MNCs should do to mitigate their tax risks while looking after tax efficient business transactions. Topics of discussion included

• Commonly seen business models in this Region
• BEPS actions which may impact on existing business models
• Discussion about value chain analysis
• Next steps for MNCs

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