AmCham Members start “Getting Things Done” at Advance Learning Lab Workshop

On October 13, The AmCham Advance Learning Lab hosted “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity” – a workshop featuring instructor Cyrille Jegu, a certified GTD(R) Master Trainer and representative of the David Allen Company in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.

GTD, built upon David Allen’s groundbreaking methodology for achieving control and focus amidst a world of constant change and ever-increasing input, is a powerful methodology provides a highly effective and sustainable way to get meaningful things done with minimal stress.


During the event, audiences received an overview and introduction of the GTD methodology’s 5 steps to gain and/or regain control over your life work flow:

  1. Capture – Everything that has your attention
  2. Clarify – Decide what it means and what to do or not do about
  3. Organize – Put it where it belongs
  4. Reflect – Review frequently
  5. Engage – Get Things Done with confidence!

The workshop received high praise from those in attendance, thanks to instructor Cyrille Jegu’s skillful coaching. We look forward to hosting him again as an instructor for the Advance Learning Lab.

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