Tips and Tricks from Facebook: How to Reach your Audience


Katie Harbath, Global Head of Politics and Government Outreach, Facebook spoke to AmCham members and guests at a special luncheon March 31 at the Sherwood Taipei.

Harbath, formerly a digital political strategist in the United States before joining Facebook, offered a wealth of insights for how to build meaningful connections and engagement on Facebook for politicians, companies, and other organizations.

Steps to Building a Facebook strategy:

  • Identify your goals. Reach, video views, engagement, list building? “You have to make sure that you are optimizing for the things that are most important to you.”
  • Determine your branding point of view. “What are the attributes that you want people to take away? Does the content that you are putting out match those attributes.”
  • Combine social media with traditional media strategies. These two departments should not be separate. More and more people are getting their news through Facebook, but that is still from traditional news sources.”
  • Focus on good content. “Sometimes I see people making the mistake of getting really excited about all of our targeting tools and all the different ways they can reach different audiences but they don’t focus on the fundamentals of making sure they’ve got great content.”
  • Engage your fans. “People respond a lot more when they know there’s somebody on the other side of that page listening to them and actually respond and engage with them.”
  • Test, iterate, improve, repeat. “At Facebook, we have to keep constantly evolving because how people are consuming content is evolving. And so you also have to think about your own strategies to make sure you are reaching people the way they want to be reached.”

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