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GIBSIN Engineers, Ltd.

GIBSIN Engineers, Ltd.
6F, 233-1 Baoqiao Rd., Xindian District,, New Taipei City, Taiwan, 23145

Tel: 2916-0061
Fax: 2916-0001
Website: www.gibsin.com.tw
Company Description:

GIBSIN Engineers, Ltd. (GIBSIN) is a Taiwan-U.S. joint-venture consulting company.  The partners are Sinotech Foundation and AECOM. GIBSIN offers services in many business lines including coal-fired and combined-cycle power plants, cogeneration plants, coal handling and storage facilities, transmission and distribution systems, waste to energy plants, mass rapid transportation projects, chemical plants, and others.

Since its establishment in 1979, GIBSIN has engineered 70% of the fossil power plant of the Taiwan Power Co. and a sizable percentage of Taiwan’s Independent Power Producer (IPP) plants. Notable projects are Taipower’s 10×550 MW Taichung Coal-fired Plant, Taipower’s Dah-Tarn Project, a 4,380 MW gas-fired combined-cycle plant, and the 7×600 MW supercritical units of the Formosa Petrochemical Group in Mailiao.  Those three are the biggest in the world of their own kind, i.e., subcritical coal-fired, gas-fired combined-cycle, and supercritical coal-fired, respectively.

GIBSIN also performed the detailed engineering and design for Starbuck power plant, a 490 MW gas-fired combined cycle IPP power plant in Taiwan. This is the first combined cycle power plant that is engineered and designed by Taiwan AE company.  In addition, GIBSIN has completed three coal-fired power projects (294 MW total) in the Philippines for Formosa Heavy Industries (FHI).   

Currently, GIBSIN serves as Taipower’s consultant for Talin 2×800 MW supercritical coal-fired, Tunghsiao 3×900 MW gas-fired combined-cycle projects, and five coal-fired projects (1,582MW total) in the Philippines for Formosa Heavy Industries (FHI).

Another major business line for GIBSIN is transportation. GIBSIN has completed four Taipei and two Kaohsiung MRT projects.

GIBSIN stresses quality and client satisfaction. It obtained the ISO 9001 certification in 1997, and in 2009 was re-certified for the year 2008 version. Project completion – on schedule and within budget – is management’s goal.

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