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Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
12F, 468 RuiGuang Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City, Taiwan, 11492

Tel: 7723-5000
Fax: 7723-5098
Website: www.fetnet.net
Company Description:

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications, ICT and digital application services. FET firmly adheres to the core values of Trustworthy, Proactive, Innovative, Accountable, Collaborative. Since its inception in 1997, “Closing the Distance” has always been the brand spirit of FET, and the company continues to innovate and develop in the hopes for “Transformation, Innovation and Wow.”

FET has continued to introduce new products and services including 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. In 2016, FET further launched 4.5G mobile internet service, becoming the first telecom operator in Asia to offer triple bandwidth of 700/1800/2600 MHz. In addition, FET is also paving the way to 5G technology, pushing forward for another new record in mobile internet speed. Along with mobile access service, FET also deploys various IoT applications so as to get ready for the roll-out of 5G.

In response to enterprise customer demands, FET has orchestrated a move that not only perfectly combines cloud, technology and industry practices, but also brings together technology vendors to integrate intelligent m-services and ICT services, giving enterprise customers a competitive edge in customized information and communication services.

To enhance the synergy of international networks for 700 million worldwide users’ benefits, FET is also collaborating with international telecommunication syndicates and companies such as China Mobile, Conexus and Vodafone. Through the competitive advantage of an international alliance, FET provides deals and services with great values to users.

Aside from the provision of communications hardware, FET’s digital brand “friDay,” under which contains “friDay Video”, “friDay Shopping”, “friDay Reading”, “friDay Wallet” and “friDay PLAY” services, offered individualized experiences and enriched services to be the preferred partner in the digital life. In addition, FET is the first telecom operator in Taiwan, as well as in Asia, to introduce direct carrier billing services both for Apple (iOS) and Android users, greatly simplifying the payment process and secure users’ credit information from App Store and Google Play.

Following international best practice in CSR reporting, FET led the domestic trend to publish the first Integrated Report in Taiwan and accelerate the adoption of IR across this island. FET communicates a holistic story to build investors’ confidence on how FET uses full range of social, environmental, and economic factors to create value and achieve sustainable development. FET’s 4G sustainable driving forces “Go Prosperous”, “Go Innovative”, “Go Caring” and “Go Inclusive” guide FET’s continuing growth and realize the corporate vision of “FET Connects and Enriches Life.”

Far EasTone has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (ticker code 4904) under the electronic sector since August 2005.

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